Manuel Rocco und Paulus Guel

In our casting archive we have found today a very special treat: Paulus Guel and Manuel Rocco. Manuel is a horny bald guy that is always on the lookout for the next cock. And you can see the lust on his face when he looks at Paulus. The wild smooching makes Manuel horny that he aims at Paulus’ hairy armpits and gleefully licks the sweat. He pushes the head of bearded Englishman up onto his throbbing piston. Turkish Paulus enjoys the attention his bald head is getting until his man pussy itches for more. Manuel moves his talented to jaws to lick softly Paulus’ ass. Before the spanking that ensues Paulus’ slippery tongue delves deep inside Manuel making way for his magnificent cock. On the back, on his knees, and on all fours he fucks him with animalistic intent until the juice shoots all over.

Kris Anderson & Kennedy Carter

We have found in our archives and found a real gem: the model test of the international porn star Kennedy Carter, who even then had the qualities of a World Class Powerbottom.

As he and the Spanish Stallion Kris Anderson meet for the first time meet you can just feel the tension in the room. Kennedy can hardly hide his bulging cock in his pants. The air glows as Kris frees it from his pants. Greedily he pounces on Spaniard and licks him from his tits and then the backs of the armpit. His exact destination however is the juicy glory cock instantly disappearing into the mouth of the strawberry blond pig. Effortlessly, he pushes the bar inside. Desperate to satisfy Kris he drags him to the bed, throws his hairy legs to the rear and licks his pink cunt. Now Kris wants to finally fuck the ass and bangs his victims mercilessly through until Kennedy is so willing, that he himself takes the helm and takes what he needs. His ass slaps on Kris and fucks him with pleasure. Kennedy can’t get enough. At that time we knew immediately: A star is born.

Misha, JP, Sam & Tony

It’s been a long time since Misha Dante has worked for Cazzo. He was here in Berlin and visited the old studios. In the place of his past sexual exploits, he gives in to his fantasies and masturbates his cock. Out of nowhere suddenly appears the blonde JP Dubois and his friend Sam Barclay licking Dante’s cock until the first juice runs. Dante is now on his knees and sucks the two young cocks until drool runs from the corners of his mouth. Unnoticed Italian stud Tony arrives watching the horny scene.

Under the greedy eye of Tony, JP licks plump ass until his friend is fuck-willing … Tony wants to not only watch but have Dante’s ass on his face. The pussy must be licked soft! Sam now has enough of the foreplay and will guide JP circumcised Dick into his steaming hole. Dante also brings his hairy ass in the game. JP pulls his cock out of his friend’s ass and takes the ass cheeks of Dante and pounding him deep in the wide-open ass. After an animalistic fuck, the trio squirts on Dante until his entire upper body is covered with sperm. And then they disappear and Dante is all alone in the Studio. Was it all just a dream?

Vin Costes, David Serra & Carlo Cox

What happens when a security guard on his tour of the factory building meets a late night worker? And what if another colleague caught the two? It happens in Berlin’s world of work. Cocks are sucked hard and asses are licked then deep holes fucked until they evaporate. Get some cock in your break cum hard.

Axel Ryder & Manuel

The abandoned buildings which offer the opportunity to go unobserved for horny cock pigs are one of the landmarks of Berlin. Axel Ryder is what you call a muscle bitch. A perfect body, bald head and eyes which are always looking for the next fuck.
He loves to look for new meat in leather outfit through these old walls. He finds that in Manuel, a hot-blooded Spaniard who comes straight from the mountain Grove and gets into his clutches.
After initial nipple play and smooching around bodybuilder Manuel is quick to get into his trousers. As he unpacks the plump juicy cock he resists the urge to marvel and rams the cock expertly into his mouth.
Axel kneels before Manuel’s box willing to lick him and Manuel begs to be reamed.
Axel takes over the job with the hard arrogance of a macho pig, until Manuel’s hot juice spurts.

Gerry & Micha

The two blondes Gerry and Micah are together only for a couple of days before they face in front of our camera. There are the same in that they are still very shy as they slowly each other undress. They kiss at first to release the inhibitions. Their desires win very quickly and Gerry is submissive on his knees to take care of Micha. His tongue on the shaft moves up and down and his spit greases his cock with plenty of fuck juice. To get him even hornier, Micha licks him until his cock is even harder. Now, Gerry barebacks his ass. Micah pulls him apart and licks him. Then he shoves his cock bare deep into his ass until Gerry groans. The fuck hole is always wet from the Precum while Micah increases hardness and speed. His little slut is made now submissive. And while he repeatedly pushes him Gerry squirts his juice itself across over the hairless body.

Juris & Erik

Juris and Erik have only hooked up recently. Their kisses are both wild and innocent as they get to know each other. All it takes in the morning is a look at Juris’ perfect ass and his pink hole and Erik is rock hard. His tongue encircles the glowing rosette until he drills his tongue deep in the pussy and licks him. Juri slaps his face repeatedly against his cheeks. The tables will be turned and now it is Erik getting deepthroated. Without taking a breath, he pushes the thick rod in his mouth. This guy deserves real porn Oscar! He is just as greedy as he is active and relentlessly face fucks his friend. Juris likes it the passive position and moves now to get his hole a spanking. They fuck bareback – thrusting wildly! The whole thing is sealed with a powerful spray.

Victor & Marlon

Victor and Marlon are two sexy muscle guys with lots of passion. Not a day goes by where the two tattooed Bulls are not on top of each other. It takes only a glance, then Victor is on his knees – with his friend Marlon in his mouth. Because Marlon has the biggest dick, the pair changed quickly and Victor’s huge cock is dripping in spit the face of his greedy friend. Marlon moves from his mouth to his beard. It itches his cock and screams to be fucked. Victor licks his soft rosette and makes him fuck-willing and ready for the ride.

In the doggy style position, he pushes him bare cock into his ass at first slowly. The fuck strokes are increasingly strong. Really overheated Marlon rides Victor now in different positions. Victor then injects the final cum shot in the face.

Dave Circus & Tony Milano

Berlin working life deluxe. The arrogant suit pig Dave Circus sits in his Office and works. His horny intern Tony Milano gives in to his day-dreaming and playing with himself until a comforting groan shakes his body. Unfortunately he is observed by Dave. Pissed off, he calls him to his office and lets him know. Tony is desperate and asks him to give him a chance. Dave holds out his ass to be licked by the useless Italian. Tony pushes his tongue into the soft hole and spits on the rosette. He can never get enough. Dave grabs his head and stuffs his twitching cock into his greedy mouth. Tony blows like a young God. But Dave is still not satisfied. Only when he thoroughly bangs Tony like a cheap piece of meat on the desk he can finally release his pent up frustrations and shoots a load of cream in the face and on his beard.

Thorsten & Andreas

Early in the morning in Berlin, Thorsten and blond Andreas lie in bed in their apartment. Kinky Thorsten wakes up with nothing but lust on his mind and then wakes his friend by putting his cock in his mouth. Greedily he licks the metal Prince Albert Ring until Andreas finally wakes and gets into the game. His cock easily disappears into his wide-open mouth. It’s called a masterclass in deepthroating. Thorsten now cares for the cunt of his man and licks it skillfully. Andreas is due, and gets cock rammed into his tight ass. It a horny scene what is happening in Berlin’s beds!